Welcome to the website that hosts the Events Calendar for DePaul Accounting Students.

The officers of the DePaul accounting student organizations post events to the calendar below as their events are planned. The DePaul Career Center also posts accounting-related events sponsored by firms. Information about the CPA Exam Workshops conducted by Dr. Elizabeth A. Murphy is also shown on this calendar and includes links to register to attend the workshops.

The following information is provided in this calendar for each event:

  • Name of event (which includes the student organization sponsoring the event — or the Career Center — and whether the event is limited to members and/or invited guests only OR open to all DePaul students)
  • Date, time, & location of event
  • Email of the sponsoring student organization.
  • Description of event (RSVP information may be provided here; if not, please email the student organization or the Career Center to determine their RSVP process. Dress code for the event should also be indicated. If you have any questions about any event shown on the calendar, please contact the event organizer. The contact information for the DePaul accounting student organizations is available at: (After clicking on the link below, then click on the Student Organizations tab.)



If a student is unable to attend an event, professional courtesy dictates that the student email or call the organizer to let them know as soon as possible before the event that you can no longer attend. Students who do not attend and do not give notice to the organization/department organizing the event might be keeping a student on a waitlist from being able to attend. In addition, accounting professionals note when students sign up for an event and do not attend.